WAR Open Beta: More Impressions

Yesterday I had a decent questing night in Warhammer Online’s open beta, with a guy I ran into a few times and we ended up just grouping for the rest of the evening. He was playing a Chosen, I was playing my Disciple of Khaine. It was a very good combo. I participated in a Public Quest decently for the first time, and teamed up with him we won first place the three times we did the PQ, which was pretty neat since we got some nice items out of the bag of loot the PQ rewards.

I went to the Inevitable City for the first time, and my virtual jaw dropped to the floor. It looks absolutely amazing. It’s hands down the coolest-looking capital city out of all the MMOs I have tried out. I was left wondering what the Order’s capital looks like, as I have severe doubts that it’s as cool-looking as this one. The only downside of the Inevitable City was that hen I was walking about its streets I suddenly fell through the floor. It’s a bug and it reminded me of a similar one in Dark Age of Camelot. I guess Mythic is just being consistent. 😛

Speaking of bugs, the people complaining about WAR’s bugs and saying how the game isn’t ready to be launched are simply MMO spoiled. Even WoW had its share of bugs when it came out, it’s just that most are fixed in the current version of the game, and no one remembers the early WoW nowadays aither because they started playing later or because it was just so long ago. Games in general, and MMOs in particular are prone to have some bugs in their early versions. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t improve the game and get rid of them as soon as possible.

Meantime I got to Rank 7 and got some new abilities, such as an AoE heal that gives HP to allies near me whenever I hit a mob. This came particularly handy when me and my Chosen buddy (Rank 8 at the time) decided to add a Rank 12 Witch Elf to our party to do a PQ which involved killing a rank 14 named mob. I wasthe only healer therem and it was challenging, partly because I’m not yet used to hitting mobs to get ‘mana’ (Soul Essence), but it still worked out well. No one died, an I even got my first WAR ‘good job on the healing’ praise from one of my companions. /flex

I’m hoping to try out some more Realm vs Realm either tonight or tomorrow night, now that I am Rank 7, and as such, less squishable among Rank 10 enemies. My boyfriend decided to RvR last night instead of questing, and he told me that he believed that leveling through RvR was faster than by questing. I’m not so sure, but he did get a brand new character to Rank 5 in a bit less time than I got from 4 to 7.

I’ll have to see for myself.


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