WAR Open Beta: First Impressions

After a very troubled open beta key registration process here in Europe, I finally managed to try out the game for a few hours yesterday. The queues were huge and the game crashed a few times so a lot of the time I was stuck waiting to get in. Out of the little actually playtime I had, I generally enjoyed it. Not the crashes though (one when consulting the map, the other when alt+tabbing away from the game), those were annoying but expected in a beta version.

I tried out the character creation for almost all classes. The Order’s female Elves all look like arrogant brats, and as such it was impossible to make one with a look that I truly liked. My favourite character creation options out of the Order was the Warrior Priest. A female character in an MMO that can be bald is a very rare thing, and I liked the chance to make one. The Witch Hunter look was also nice, mostly due to the cool rapier plus gun combo and pose.

On the Destruction side, I liked the elves’ look, plus there were a couple of hairdos for the Sorceress I especially found funny, because they seemed like Amy Winehouse’s hair.

I played out two classes, both on the Destruction side: Disciple of Khaine and Witch Elf. I liked both, but was impressed at how much faster the Witch elf kills her adversaries, so I might rethink my main character choice and make one of those instead. I’ll use the rest of my beta time to decide. plus I noticed there were few Witch Elves around, unlike Zealot which is a dime a dozen. There was a glitch on the character creation for the Magus, where after a few seconds he/she decides to start floating on their disc. This would be all fine and dandy were it not the fact that after he/she does that you can’t see his facial features anymore, and it’s impossible to personalize one completely as you want. Aside from that, I enjoyed what I tried, especially the tattoos you can chose from. The Chosen are all a bit bulky, but I guess that’s expected.

Gameplay-wise, I enjoyed some interface details, such as the Tome of Knowledge. Showing the quests in something that resembles and works like an actual book was a really cool idea.

I’m trying out a Disciple of Khaine and a Witch Elf. I liked both, the first is a healer/melee dps hybrid and so far it’s well balanced. The Witch Elf is a melee dps and though I only played the first couple of levels, I noticed it killed mobs a lot faster than the DoK. It makes sense, since the other one has the advantage to heal him/herself, and for balance sake it wouldn’t really be fair for them to deal the same amount of damage as WEs and be able to heal.

I tried some RvR but I can’t really talk about it much since my character was just level 4. I did enjoy getting XP from finishing a battle and from the battle’s kills. You also get battleground reputation which apparently has several different levels. I liked playing alongside Marauders in PvP, they spanked I healed.

So that’s it for now. More updates incoming if I’m not too busy.


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