Watchmen, The Graphic Novel

I finished reading Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ graphic novel last week and still haven’t posted my thoughts on it.

In short: It’s brilliant.

The universe it’s set in is very immersive, and Alan Moore makes you either like or dislike some characters, but you’re never indifferent to them, even the least important ones. The plot itself is what I liked the most and makes you wonder about humanity, its lighter and darker sides, and what people do to achieve their goals.

Despite having been published in the 80s, the art by David Gibson is still very good by today’s standards and some little visual details on what goes on in that world, are simply delicious.

Having read it I now understand some fans’ concern about the movie adaptation. Since the comic is set during the Cold War, but there’s always the incomprehensible urge to adapt movies to the time they hit the cinemas, I’m really afraid they’ll turn it into yet another oh-noes-the-evil-terrorists kind of movie. I don’t know about you, but I am sick to tears of hearing about terrorists and terrorism in recent movies. We know it it exists. We’ve seen it before a zillion times. Terrorists are evil. We know already! It’s been done and redone to a point where nailing my nostrils to a moving vehicle would be more fun. Am still clinging to he hope that the director, Zack Snyder, who happens to be the dude who made 300 into a cool movie, won’t screw it up.

Regardless of how the movie will be done, I advise anyone to read the graphic novel as it’s well worth your time and money. Meantime I am off to my next comics read: V for Vendetta, also by Alan Moore (rejoice, Alma, I’m finally reading it! :P).

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (“Who watches the watchers?”)


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