Games I’m Excited/Curious About

Okay so I’m wanting to try out a ton of games that are either coming out or have already come out.

Spore – Might go to the games conference I mentioned previously, despite the somewhat poor events. Mostly because of the Spore launch thing they’re doing. Maybe attendees will get freebies (lol. right.).

The Force Unleashed (this one I’m gonna pre order this week) – Star Wars. Looking at the gameplay videos all around , seems not to be yet another crappy Star Wars game. Meantime you can sigh and maybe /facepalm while reading LucasArts’ justification on why most recent Star Wars games were poo.

Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise – haven’t actually tried any Viva Piñata games, even the xbox 360 one. The piñatas are too cute for me to resist. Also I heard nice things about the xBox 360 one from a friend. It’s a good excuse to take the dust off my Nintendo DS.

Sins of a Solar Empire – Independent space-based real-time strategy game made with only one million dollars has sold half a million copies worldwide. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. Not only does this spike my interest, but also I heard good things from it. The only downside being that it has no story.

Plus we bought Assassin’s Creed for the XBox 360 for 17 euros, used of course but still a real bargain. Will be playing Alstair next week if I’m not completely hooked on Warhammer Online – the open beta starts next week and I’m gonna be in it.

I’m going to buy a new laptop this weekend. I have finally succumbed to my need to have a decent gaming computer in both houses. My faithful HP is nice but can’t run any recent games, including Warhammer Online, which I am so wanting to play. Thus the HP will be now mostly used for image editing, music listening and movie watching, which are still very decent functions for a three year old laptop. The new kid on the block will be Toshiba Satellite A300-18A, which not only has decent specs and an okay quality/price relation, but also looks pretty nice. Plus, my boyfriend bought one a few months back and it hasn’t given him any issues, so I’ve pretty much pre-tested the thing.

With any luck I’ll be able to get decent prizes from this Toshiba promotion since it’s one of the laptops listed there. I’m really hoping I get the external hard drive as the random surprise part of the offer or even the digital frame, but with my luck I’ll either get nothing or the pen drive. 😛


5 thoughts on “Games I’m Excited/Curious About

  1. I suggest you take a look at Spore’s video review from IGN… although normally I don’t agree with them (the way they review adventure games is just embarrassing), I think that this time they did a good job, not going along with all the hype like the rest of the media and pointing out that it is a great game BUT… see for yourself 😉

    What a crappy justification from the folks at LucasArts… come on, you used to be better than that!

    A friend is totally hooked up on Sins of a Solar Empire. I had a change to try it out and it is indeed a very good space game, although not my cup of tea. what I really liked to do was zoom in and zoom out to give that sense that you’re seeing the entire universe and then close up all the way to the point that you see the little starfighters coming out from the mothership next to your homeplanet… awesome ^^

    As I told you before on a previous conversation, you should get the time to play through Assassin’s Creed. It isn’t DA BOMB that ubisoft kept claiming it was but I liked it a lot, from the parkour experience nicely done, to the reproduction of the Holy Land (a subject that few games have explored before, none at this level), along with the puzzling and mysterious story.

    I never liked to use my laptop for gaming; it always had issues, specially with recent games (although its specs surpassed the recommended requirements for the game). Still, I carry in it some of my adored classics like Tropico, Europa 1400, Sam&Max, Maniac Mansion and a hockey manager game. How does Dark fare playing games in the Toshiba?

    once again sorry for the long comment =p

  2. I’ve played on my HP laptop for quite a while. Spent almost a year with it as my only computer as my PC broke down and after months and months of me trying to fix it, I finally gave up.

    Did interesting stuff like play a Holy Paladin on WoW on my laptop (all the graphics settings at a minimum), with no mouse. Yeah you read right. Did Zul’Gurub, Molten Core, Onyxia, loads of 5 man instances all with no mouse. Being the main tank healer helped. 😛 I also did a bit of Serpentshrine Cavern (including Vashj), some Tempest Keep bosses (not Kael though), Karazhan, and several heroics like that also. The only really crappy undoable ones like that were Vashj (I only went to replace a Paladin who had an exam the next day, but we still killed her), plus the last boss of Sethekk Halls heroic pre nerf, though we had an idiot mage in the group and that also did not help. :p

    Anyway, this time around I’m buying a laptop but will be playing on my desk, with a mouse and a keyboard attached to it. 😛 Ah, the joys of having space in a house!

    By the way, no need to apologize for the length of your comments. I like people commenting, and the length of the post matters not.

  3. @AlmaMavis: So I can more easily go to other places with it! 😀

    I already have a similar-spec desktop PC on one house which is fine for gaming, so I thought it was better to have a more decent laptop because I’d be spending almost the same if I bought a whole desktop PC + LCD screen.

    This way if I go on vacations somewhere I can carry it there and still play stuff other than 4-year old games. 😛

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