Warhammer Online: Pre Play Thoughts

I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on WAR before I actually try it out. Mostly on what I’ll decide to do when the game is live.

I’m going Destruction, as most people seem to be doing, according to the beta realm population stats I’ve been reading on the web. Warrior Priest does seem interesting, especially because I am a regular Paladin player in RPGs, and the concept of hit the mob to heal is very different fromthe Paladin healing in WoW. I’d go Order and try out the Warrior Priest class, but as I play World of Warcraft on the Alliance side for more than three years now, the races and general look would be very simmilar to what I’ve seen during such a large period of time. I’d like a change of visual setting, thus going for the bad guys side this time. I’m forseeing that PvP-wise Destruction will be the new Alliance, and with this I mean, that Destruction will mostly suck at PvP.

So far, from the information I see posted on the official site, I’ll probably chose Disciple of Khaine as my main character, since it combines three things I like: melee, DPSing, and healing. I also like ranged and am aware of the advantages that come from having ranged attack spells and moves to chose from, so the other hypothesis is a ranged DPS/healer class. Maybe Zealot, but my boyfriend is going for that one I think, so I’ll have to investigate further into the pew pew/healer caster classes.

Chosen seems cool, mostly for the looks. It’s too bad you can only be a male Chosen, but I already have a few ideas for the character name and since it will be an alt I don’t mind playing a guy.

The decisions on what characters I’ll make will be very dependant on what I manage to see on the Open Beta, which starts on September 7th. I tend to pick the ‘right’ classes for me on MMOs, and despite my change from Hunter to Paladin on WoW (done because we had too many Hunters and no Paladins on the guild at the time), and my change from Infiltrator to Paladin on Dark Age of Camelot (my Infiltrator’s spec ended up not being what I wanted, and we couln’t respec at will, so I ended up getting fed up and starting over with a new class), I liked playing all of those.

Speaking of the character names, I never manage to get the ones I want most, so I’m hoping that this time, given that I have early launch access due to having pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, I’m lucky to get at least my ‘main’ nickname for once. The rest I can live without. With my luck, though, I’m antecipating something like a ‘sorry, we are all out of head start vacancies.’ message showing up when I run my client.

Since I mentioned a client, we’ve already downloaded all ten gigs of the Open beta one. with any luck it’s not corrupted, and even better, can just be patched to upgrade from beta to live, so we don’t need to install and patch everything all over again.

The official european Warhammer Online site has divulged the head start date, which is September 14th to Collector’s Edition pre-orders and September 15th to Standard Edition’s pre-orders. This is good for me because it’s a Sunday and I can be home most of the day. However, being a Sunday has a downside: everyone else is also home, so the servers will sink due to too many people wanting to access, thus making it difficult to login, and create characters to at least snatch the names I want. We will see how EA will deal with this.


One thought on “Warhammer Online: Pre Play Thoughts

  1. Destruction rocks! I think this will be totally different from WoW, with respect to the horde winning almost all the time. From the closed beta I saw the things more balanced and I hope that things will be like that at the release time. =)

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