New WotLK and WAR Cinematics

Two new cinematics are out, one of Warhammer Online, timed with the NDA lifting, and today the opening cinematic of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.

Having watched both, I have to say Blizzard keeps doing their cinematics better. Arthas, the Fallen Paladin, turned Death Knigth, and Lich King owns the new Warhammer Online trailer.

Of course it’s partly a matter of personal taste, and I’m also very pissed at how GOA is treating their European Warhammer Online fans (no preview weekend for us and our open beta only starts on September 7th… frakkers) and am pretty sure that if they do what they used to do to the European Dark Age of Camelot gamers, regarding patch delays and other crap, that my return to WoW, to try out WotLK will be a lot swifter than anticipated.

So see for yourselves, and share some thoughts on both.

Warhammer Online:

Wrath of the Lich King:


2 thoughts on “New WotLK and WAR Cinematics

  1. I’m surprised, considering that there is a loyal and healthy Warhammer fanbase in Europe (I see tons of great Gamesworkshop stores all over Europe, although I don’t know how’s the situation here in Portugal).
    Still, you’ll have Warhammerk 40k II and all its inherent goriness to play if you get annoyed with the online game =p

  2. Yeah, they’re being pretty stupid about it, considering that europeans, despite not being as avid gamers as north americans, still constitute a valuable market and should not be ignored or treated unfairly comparatively with their US counterparts.
    If Mythic wants to chew a decent ammount of players off World of Warcraft and still keep them playing for longer than the first couple of months, they’ll have to do a lot better that this.
    Let’s not forget that despite the EU players having waited several months more to have the EU WoW servers up and running, things like patches are only launched one day apart from the US. And let’s also not forget that the best WoW raiding guilds in the world are european, which shows that EU players can be every bit as commited to a game as US players.

    Having said this, I’m still hoping GOA removes its head from its rear. My interest in WAR is enough for me to play it at least the first month (since I’ve already paid for the Collector’s Editon preorder), but after this, and the latest info on Wrath of the Lich King, I’m seeing my enthusiasm to be short lived and me playing WoW’s expansion much longer than I’ll play WAR.

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