Back from Internetless-ness

I’m back from my Internetless week, and as you may have guessed, I am catching up with zillions of news and IMing a few people that are online.

Speaking of this past week’s news, an Age of Conan GM was cybering a player? The things I missed out on. How do they pick their GM’s, I wonder? ‘Do you have one or more nostrils? Yes? Okay, grats you’re in’. Meantime, for the people who thought of this incident had a distinct smell of bullcrap, here’s a new article that includes screenshots.

What’s with the Final Fantasy XI MMO über bosses? It takes 18 hours to kill one of them? What. The. Hell? Are these guys insane? I was sick of Tempest Keep’s Kael’thas and he takes less than half an hour to kill (not counting the dozens of failed attempts while learning what to do).

Read more stuff after the cut:

Speaking of Kael’thas [skip paragraph if you don’t want to read about World of Warcraft] I finally went to Magister’s Terrace on my Hunter before heading off on vacations and we did that version of the boss. The instance is fun, and the second boss was insane to kill (but was one-shotted as were in fact all the bosses on that run), and in that encounter I had to not only pew pew DPS, but also kite, use several traps, and use Missdirection. Despite all the chaos I felt useful and throughout all the instance, my DPS was good. Part of why was the fact that I finally got the season 2 shoulders, and changed around some gems and enchants. To add to the fun instance night, Kael’thas dropped the wonderful mail chest I was hoping to get thus making my huntard’s DPS be well above 700 when we went to Heroic Ramparts, using absolutely no consumables. And this was in an instance where the mage’s AoEs are used. Of course I do my explosive trap, plus volley trick whenever I can, but my cooldowns are bigger than Mage’s so I’m at AoE damage disadvantage.

Anyway, there I was once more babbling about WoW, so let’s talk about other stuff. While I was away, I read most of ‘Watchmen’ by Alan Moore and it’s taking very large and steady steps into my Best Comics EVAR!!!11one list.

I also watched some TV shows in Fox and am wanting to watch more episodes of Bones and a few other shows. Moonlight, a TV show about vampires nowadays, sucks and arse not blood (dun dun dun TCHHH!). They walk during the daylight, which was stupid (ohai, I’ll-just-wear-sunscreen-in-this-shaite-movie-(yes-I’m-talking-about-‘Blade’)). They wore sunglasses, which is not something I’d consider a huge impediment to have a normal life. But the main character dude is emo about being an immortal being who can even walk in daylight for at least some periods of time without going puff. I mean, okay, the drinking blood part can be annoying, but considering he could live off animal blood, he’d just need his friendly neighbourhood butcher to provide him with red slurpy goodness. And it’s not like if he turned his loved one into a vampire (assuming she’d go for it) she’d have much trouble either. Why does this angsty-vampire-without-a-cause show have an 8.2 rating on IMBd? I have no clue. Then again I only watched two episodes, having given up watching after those. Oh look, I’ve just read it was cancelled after the first season. Not surprised. Yawn.

There’s also a bunch of movies I want to watch: Wanted, Hellboy 2, Wall-E, Hancock, X-Files 2, and so forth. Heck, even Mummy 3 seems mildly interesting, though only because both Jet Li and the real life action hero Michelle Yeoh are in it and martial arts are involved. Of course, I could always wait a year and see it every other week on TVI.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I watched a few Naruto episodes which, to my huge amazement were not the utter pile o’ crap I remembered from the early episodes I’d watched. It might actually be a decent-ish shounen show. I’m toying with the idea of watching it on my have-nothing-to-do times, but I’ve just been informed that there are 220 fiest season episodes plus 70 more of the season two. So I’ll need to think about that, especially because I must consider I haven’t finished watching Saint Seiya which is also a very, very long anime.

Keep ya posted.


5 thoughts on “Back from Internetless-ness

  1. I’ve watched Bones since the beginning after watching a few episodes when it premiered in Canada but it has been losing ‘power’ lately, I think. here’s hoping that the 4th season changes things for better.
    the only movie out of those that I’m really on the edge to see is Wall-e… I was never fond of the so-called summer blockbusters and this year follows the rule (hellboy 2 seems to have some funny gags like the original but that’s about it). I don’t know about X-files 2: everyone that sees it says something negative about it!

  2. Yeah, I’m going to read V for Vendetta (at last) after I finish Watchmen. I’m almost done with Watchmen, so it shouldn’t be long before I restart. 😛 Alam Moore rocks. m/

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