Things to Come

After several crap-filled moments I’ve had today, nothing like finishing it linking some of the incoming stuff I’m excited about.

“The World will look up and shout ‘Save us!’. And I’ll whisper ‘No.’.”

I’m slowly reading Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Watchmen, so I’ll stick commenting on the trailer. I liked it. I may read the comic it’s based on faster now that I’ve seen the movie trailer.

Speaking of trailers, there’s a new gameplay trailer for BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins. Lookin’ good. A release date would also be nice to see. I am craving my dose of BioWare RPG goodness so much that I may just have to buy a used copy of Jade Empire for Xbox 360. Yes, I know the game will be available to buy/download on LIVE, however, I still prefer getting the games I pay for the good old fashioned way – on a physical disc, inside a pretty box.

Lastly, it’s not a thing to come, but I liked this Han Solo in Carbonite desk. Almost beats the coolness of the TIE Fighter PC mod/desk. Almost.


One thought on “Things to Come

  1. If nothing else, the movie has a great soundtrack! Is it really “the most celebrate graphic novel of all time”? ’cause I’ve never heard of it up until they started making the movie =x
    I hope Dragon Age: Origins won’t have the same probs that Mass Effect had on the PC… I mean the game is great and I fortunately don’t have (like many others do) one of those terrible problems when you can’t even start the game but it’s full of audio glitches and other little annoying things… and no patch still out! then again, it wasn’t bioware who was in charge of the PC version…
    Like Roger the alien from American Dad: OMG! That Han Solo in carbonite desk? OMG!

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