Final Fantasy XIII and XBox 360

I haven’t really dedicated any posts to videogames (excluding WoW), for a while now here, and it’s not making much sense to me since it’s one of my biggest interests.

Anyway, by now the whole gamer world has read the news about Final Fantasy XIII being released for the XBox 360 and not only for PlayStation 3. As you probably know, one of the biggest assets to get people buying the still very pricey PS3 would be the exclusivity of FFXIII. Now, though it seems that the only exclusivity of FFXIII will be in Japan, though not even that is 100% confirmed. This is a huge blow for Sony, who recently stated they’re not going to lower the price of the PS3 anytime soon.

How are they intending to gain market outside Japan? I mean, sure, Metal Gear Solid 4 was a big hit, and even so I know several fans of the Metal Gear series who still didn’t buy MGS4 due to the 399 euros they’d have to cash in for just the console, but it’s part of the small handful of decent games the PS3 has.

I’m puzzled. What’s going on in the Sony managers’ minds? They apparently didn’t bother paying Square Enix enough to assure an all over the World exclusive. And why? Are they really relying on people buying the PS3 because it’s currently the cheapest BlueRay player in the market? Do you see people rushing to buy stuff in BlueRay in your country? Because here in Portugal, and I know we are often not an example, the big movie sales are still just in DVD format.

I’m not a big fan of JRPGs for a couple of reasons (they’re still using save points, and they have a turn-based combat system *yawn* ), but my boyfriend is and was thinking of getting a PS3 to be able to play Final Fantasy XIII. No need anymore. Sony made sure we’re still uninterested in their overpriced console. Good news for us. It’s 400 euros less spent in the near future.

What I’m finding amusing most of all in the middle of all this information, are the reactions of PlayStation fanboys. One of them was saying something like ‘don’t count on those graphics being in the XBox 360’. I guess he doesn’t realize that, even though the PS3 does win in terms of graphical processing (the xbox 360’s graphics are still very good), it fails miserably regarding price and in number of available decent videogames. Plus it’s a lot harder to develop video games for PS3 than it is for the XBox 360.


11 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII and XBox 360

  1. I still think the most ironic thing about FFXIII is that, after an endless string of efeminate male main characters, the first actual female main character…looks boyish.

  2. Well, they do like their characters a little androgynous. I can’t say I don’t like it.

    I’d pretty much hate it if the main character was a squealing really feminine girl (annoying much?). As long as they balance things right, a touch of androgyny is fine by me.

  3. Actually the ps3 is not overpriced it’s actually underpriced, or at least in the first year they lost money for each unit sold, by now they should be making profit per unit but it should be a pretty insignificant.
    My big issues against the xbox360 is the absurd amount of noise it makes and its controller (I think the dualshock is a masterpiece of a controller), plus the console does have a lot of games but most are shooters and I rarely enjoy a console shooter.
    I do have a xbox360 but my old ps2 is still my most used console, go figure 😛

  4. The PS3 is overpriced in the context of the other consoles and regarding what the consumer has to pay. 😛 (which is, after all what matters to us gamers :] ) I’m aware Sony is losing money with each PS3 sold, however they were the ones that designed the console in such a way that it would cost a lot to make and would take years to monetarily recover. The only advantage it has right now is the BlueRay reader, but today it’s not enough to make most people part with 400 euros.

    Also, we must remember that only now is Sony talking about making PS3 be able to play PS2 games. Retrocompatibility is a MUST, and the PS2 was very succesful partly because of being able to play the original Playstation games.

    I like the xbox 360, and think its price is a lot more acceptable than PS3’s. Also, it’s much easier to code xbox 360 games (because the xbox is essentially a PC), which is something Sony should have thought about when they made their console. Had they done that, the game publishers would most definitely feel more compelled to develop (decent) games for their console.

    Btw, I should clear up that not only am I not an xbox fangirl, nor am I anti-Sony. We have a PS2 and a PSP which we enjoy. The difference is: there are lots of decent games for both (and there were already in the first couple of years of their existences), while the same cannot be said for the PS3. 😉

    If you compare the list of available GOOD games for the xbox and for the PS3, you’ll find that there’s a huge difference. So far, only about 3 or 4 games have caught my attention.

    In my gamer opinion Sony failed pretty miserably in the creation process, and marketing. They won Japan’s market over mostly because it’s a japanese company and MS is an ‘outsider’. On the other hand, if MicroSoft wants to really get the japanese market, they should grab some exclusive games that are also exclusive in Japan. The Final Fantasy franchise would be the most indicated, plus a few others that are pretty big there.

    Amusingly enough, the same as you, the most used console we have is still the PS2. 🙂 (now THAT was a well thought out console by Sony)

  5. The blueray thing is still up in the air, right now its debatable if it was a good move or not (I like not having to switch disks). The price thing is relative depending on who you ask, for me if one thing is better than another than even if I have to wait another month or another year to get, I will and won’t ever compromise quality, and personally I don’t see it as even debatable that the ps3 does have the best hardware, and I don’t mean pure muscle, but the features themselves like the non proprietary hdd (100 € for a 20gb hdd ?), wireless, memory cards, etc, I highly value these and other things, though many people won’t care of course.
    The coding issue is a lame excuse. I have no doubt that the xbox api’s are easier to work with than the PS ones, but the real advantage is because the model is pretty much the same as the first xbox one and it’s simply making that investment pay out now. It’s a matter of time, eventually the developers will have their tools and libraries updated and it will be the same.

    Still all this doesn’t really matter. What matters are the games you want to play. I don’t really care if FF13 or whatever will go in xbox or not as I have both (yeah I’m crazy). I think the trend of the disappearing third party exclusives is a good thing, and I only regret that it didn’t happen sooner or that I couldn’t predict it or I would not have bought the xbox, since the games I want are either on both or only in ps3 or PC as well (mass effect and metal gear solid 4 for example), and I will always pick the ps3 version over xbox because of the features I mentioned (specially the bloody noise). I also don’t think there is such a huge difference of good games on both systems. I have pretty much all the games that I want and those are 5 ps3 and 7 xbox, plus I can play any of my PS2 games on the ps3 but if I had any original xbox games I couldn’t. I agree retro compatibility is important.

    But this is all good. The Wii is gaining on both while they are more or less on a stalemate, so if any of them really wants to push over they need to innovate which is good for us gamers.

  6. Well we differ in a couple of things:

    Looking at both the list of xbox 360 games and ps3 games, I find 4 PS3 games I find interesting whereas I find 9 xbox 360 titles I like. Two of the four on PS3 are also available for the xbox, so it’s actually a 2-9 result. By the way I also don’t fancy shooters, especially on consoles. What’s the point if the aiming precision is crap with a joypad?

    Also I don’t find the xbox 360 that noisy, but it’s pretty far from the sofa which might explain why it never even registered until you mentioned it. 🙂

    One last thing, regarding “(…)plus I can play any of my PS2 games on the ps3 but if I had any original xbox games I couldn’t. I agree retro compatibility is important.”

    You may want to check out this list. I haven’t found a single original xbox game I wanted to play that isn’t in there. 😉

    One request. Can you clear this up for me, since you have ‘hands on’ on a PS3 and I’ve read too many contradictions about it today? Many thanks! 🙂

  7. Well one guy is right the other is wrong. You can see the nifty table on wikipedia :
    I have the 60 Gb so I can play ps2 or ps1 games and those of my library that I played have done so without a hitch.
    Another thing that I think is very important as well and I forgot for some reason. The PS3 is not region locked and I love to import, specially with the dollar so low 😉 (films and PS2 games still respect region locking only the ps3 ones don’t)

  8. Being region-free is definitely an asset and getting cheaper games from outside, taking advantage of how high the euro value is is something we also do despite the xbox being region locked. We buy games in GB pounds (which is closely ‘attached’ to the US dolar so now that the US$ is low, it’s also low) and we don’t have to worry about having to pay customs duties because we’re buying them within the EU.

    Luckily for us, they’re increasing the taxable value to 100 euros next year. I wonder how that will work? I’m betting something like this will be frequent: The product will cost like 50 bucks and they’ll evaluate it in 105 euros so they can charge an obscene amount of taxes.

    Looking at the PS3 compatibility table I wonder why the 80 GB PAL model doesn’t’ have retro compatibility. Pay more and get less features? Hm. :

    How much did your 60 GB PS3 cost, by the way?

  9. hmm 600 € I believe with 2 games and 2 controllers.

    The limit will be 120 € and customs can’t arbitrarily assign a value if the package comes with a certain form (it has a designation which you can look in google to find dozens of examples but I forgot what it is, I believe some post of mine has that buried somewhere …) correctly filled out, and with the notice that they can open the package for inspection. But if the package doesn’t have this form and they believe the declared value and content may be wrong then they can pretty much do whatever they want yes. Still most places use this and in the many years I’ve been importing stuff from outside of Europe only twice did customs screw me, which is not so bad, considering the vast amounts I saved 😉

  10. They can’t but they do. :p I have a friend who got has 80 Euros WoW: Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition from Norway, it had indicated the price, etc. And not only did they evaluate it in 120 euros, they classified it as a ‘book with drawings’ AND damaged it.

    The wonders of living in Portugal, where NOTHING is inspected. A little visit from ASAE or an equivalent entity that could act on this would do wonders.

  11. if it’s damaged he shouldn’t have accepted it. The damage could have been caused by other besides customs, and if he rejected the package the store must accept it back and give the money back (don’t expect shipping cost refund though). And its not enough to be marked for the price it MUST have a specific form visible in the outside and preferable the invoice as well. Shit happens in customs to be sure, but it is not as common as many people seem to think and its way better than it was some years ago.
    Your friend was unlucky, but he could have resolved it but he probably wanted the game so much that he didn’t care enough to wait longer 😛

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