Busy Weekend

Other than my successful cooking experiment Friday, I did a bunch of stuff this weekend.

I went to the Óbidos Medieval Market on Saturday. They’ve extended the event’s area quite a bit – other than the stuff inside the castle walls, they’ve added a Tournament area (was already up last year, but smaller) and a Medieval Camp. Plus there’s also a tavern there now, which was packed with people. The tournament was a lot better than last year’s, and included a Joust. Though I had some trouble seeing all that was happening in the arena, one of the Knights and his horse impressed me a lot with some decent acting.  They managed to pretend quite convincingly that the horse was struck with a sword and fell to the ground wounded. The only negative criticism I have to do to the tournament event, is that they need to add a lot more seated spots. We had to climb some hills so we could see anything at all.

There were a lot of places where to get food, however there was also a lack of seated spots. We ended up eating under some wooden floors, in a place with some cement steps. The advantage was that we were less vulnerable to the cold and wind. We ate some yummy chouriço bread, plus some roasted kebab and quail. The event is attracting more and more people from all over the country with each passing year, and they’ll really need to expand the premises even more. I’ll post some event photos here soon.

One thing I think would be nice for them to have there would a stand where you could purchase books related to the medieval period, or fantasy novels, since they are so tightly connected in a lot of cases. Of course this depends not just from the organization itself, but from the possible interest from publishers and bookstores.

I was going to meet a friend who lives near-ish Óbidos, and whom I haven’t seen in months, but unfortunately the friends we went with wanted to come back to Lisbon so we’d go to the movies. I ended up postponing my meeting to this weekend with any luck – my friend told me he might come shopping to Lisbon. If not, I can always go meet him there a couple weeks from now. Either that or one day we’ll pass each other by in the street and not recognize each other. 😛

The movie we watched was ‘Kung Fu Panda’, which is a decent enough animation movie. I’m also kind of wanting to watch ‘Wanted’, but after watching the trailer again I can’t help but wonder if I’ll like it. See, it supposedly based on a comic book miniseries by Mark Millar that I enjoyed, but the trailer didn’t have much of it in there. Plus they won’t have even 10% of the swearing that was in the comic (it had a LOT of it – think ‘Sopranos’), which I thought was part of what made it more interesting that most comics around. [ Speaking of an Angelina Jolie movie, congrats to both her and Brad Pitt for their newborn twins. ]

I finally managed to finish ‘A Clash of Kings’. Now I’m wondering what to read in parallel with ‘Watchmen’ when I’m home. So many books to chose and so little ideas about what to chose next…

How was your weekend?


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