Evangelion Figures

My usual anime merchandise dealer has told me yesterday that the Revoltech EVA-00 I had ordered has arrived. Not only that, but he got his hands on a box of these Evangelion gashapons. As you can imagine, I’ve already asked him to save me one Kaworu figure (he’s the gray-haired kid, for those who don’t know him). Ayanami Rei and him are the two characters I like the most in the show and PenΒ², but they never seem to make a separate figure of that lovely penguin [oh crap, after googling for him I found the cutest version of Pen Pen now I want one ;_; ]. Anyway, as I was saying, Rei and Kaworu are pretty much my favourite characters and although I have around four versions of Rei (they’re all very different from each other, okay? πŸ˜› – I’ll take photos of all one day so you see ), I don’t have a single Kaworu figure. Speaking of which, rumours say that Kaworu will pilot Eva-04 in the second Rebuild of Evangelion movie. If that’s true I may also want to get Revoltech’s Eva-04. It’s silver, so it would look awesome near the blue of Eva-00.

I also have an Eva-01 model kit to assemble. That should only take me several years, considering how little free time I have. The good thing about this one is that it seems to be more or less the same size as the Revoltech Evas, and it is articulated, so it would look nicely near them on a shelf, or near the PC.

Since this is a post mostly dedicated to Evangelion stuff, I’m taking the chance to say I’ve been taking photos of some of my Eva figures and manga, and I should upload them to my flickr account soon-ish. I just want to take some extra experimental photos of the Eva gashapons. I was messing around with my camera’s settings and I almost got the result I wanted. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Evangelion Figures

  1. Assembling that kit should only take 4 hours or so, let me just warn you, in case you are not aware, that those kits articulations are not meant to be used much, so they wear out easily.

    I’ll be waiting to see the pictures of your collection. I like nice pictures ^^

  2. Hm. I might take longer since I haven’t assembled any model kits in two or three years, and when I did it was never an articulated mech, but some Star Wars models.

    Also, a question: though it already has the right colours, isn’t it a usual practice to spray paint it over the plastic?

  3. There is plenty of people happy with just “snapping”, but it will always be marked in the places where the gates where (the places where you cut the pieces off the sprue), so people like me like to go through the trouble of sanding, gluing, sanding more, priming, repeat, painting, painting some more, detailing, top coating, etc etc etc.
    Depending on how far you choose to go and what techniques to use it can take a loooooong time to complete.
    But an easy and way to give the kit a good (non-plastiky) look is to just lightly sand the gate marks and then apply a top coat (clear paint that helps level the look of the plastic and improve the finish) over the whole kit. Though if I remember correctly eva kits have some rubber pieces, and paint doesn’t stick to those.

  4. I had to so something similar to what you say ‘just lightly sand the gate marks and then apply a top coat’, when I assembled one really sucky Star Wars model kit (the Star Wars ARC-170 Clone Fighter listed here ), where the places that attached the kit itself to the plastic frame were in part, sections where the red paint was. So for this I had to mix some of my warhammer miniature paints until I got around the same tone of red and then disguised the thing.

    I have to think about what I want to do with the Eva 01 model, since I wanted it to look cool, but at the same time I can’t be arsed assembling something for too long. I don’t mean some hours, that I can deal with πŸ˜› – my first kit was this Slave I (at least I think it was that one – I remember it wasn’t one of those easy snap kits) which amazingly (I was quite young) turned out almost perfect – It just had a problem with the cockpit window, because I had a small accident with the plastic and it ended up with a small gap between the ‘metal’ part of the ship and the window. I never disguised it since it was part of my first kit assemblage attempt and decided to leave it there to remember later. πŸ™‚

  5. The problem with painting just those areas is that it’s impossible to match the color perfectly as you certainly noticed. Another thing you can do is sand the whole piece. If you work your way up on the grit until something pretty high like 4000 or even higher it should look good as well, but takes a long time and its boring.
    Painting a whole kit of this size and complexity without entering on too many complexities should take less than 15-20 hours or so. Using spray cans is quick and easy.

  6. Do you know of any web site with decent tutorials on assembling mech articulated model kits?

    I remember seeing one some months ago for the Eva 01 model I have but can’t find it googling. :

  7. Oh I knew about the waribashi articles, but those weren’t what I was thinking about.

    Many thanks for those two links. I’ll check those out in more detail when I get home. πŸ™‚

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