George R. R. Martin – Second Lisbon Event

Wednesday I went to the second event with George R. R. Martin, over at Fnac in Colombo, this time a lecture about writing. I ended up arriving early and noticed that GRRM was already there with someone who is organizing the event, chatting on a Fnac coffee table. I wanted to give him something typical of Portugal and I chose Madredeus: Antologia, so he heard some of our music. He asked me if I was in that band, I guess because I said ‘ours’ and he understood something different from the meaning I had meant – ‘of Portugal’. I told him I wasn’t part of it and the two people sharing his table explained that it was a pretty important band here and that he would probably enjoy it.

I told him that the lyrics were in portuguese, but it was either that or give him another portuguese band’s CD, which would be in english, but it would be a heavy metal band (talkin’ about Moonspell here, folks, if you haven’t caught on already :P). As I had anticipated, he isn’t a metal fan, so Madredeus was definitely the right choice. Anyway, the translated lyrics are in their official website.

After that, I went to my place and this time I managed to get a seated spot, so my ever-hurting knee (dislocated kneecaps are nice that way… /sarcasm ) hurt a lot less than on Tuesday, when I had to stand for almost two hours due to getting there late. Then the lecture started and it was as pleasant as the previous one. At the end I asked for a few autographs and am now a proud owner of a signed Daenerys and a signed House Stark card game card. I also asked him to autograph ‘A Feast for Crows’, for my friend Jorge. It will be his very late (like over a month late :P) birthday gift.


2 thoughts on “George R. R. Martin – Second Lisbon Event

  1. well lyrics don’t mean that much… I mean most of us when we were kids didn’t understand foreign languages and still hummed and sang (or tried to) any foreign music that we heard. still happens to me of course, with some rather nasty endings (Hey, not my fault that no one explained to me that “sigrid” in swedish means “undesirable old woman” or something close to that).
    Anyway, good choice! quality music that he won’t find anywhere else on the globe.

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