Diablo, the Lord of Terror Returns

I was Internet-less during the weekend, but managed to know that Blizzard’s ongoing splash screen announcement was indeed Diablo 3, just as I thought. I hadn’t been able to post anything about this yet, so here goes my general feeling toward this: Hell, YES! o/

I loved the two previous Diablo games and can’t wait to kick some more Diablo ass. The release date hasn’t been disclosed yet, but I guess at least another year is to be expected. There’s some info on the official Diablo III site, as well as screenshots, artwork images, a cinematic trailer and a gameplay trailer which looks nifty.

Two classes out of a total of five have been announced – Witch Doctor and Barbarian. A novelty in this game, regarding what was present in previous Diablo games, is that all of the five classes will allow the choice of a male or female character. No matter how brilliant the previous Diablo games were, that was always a flaw – when you chose your class, you were always stuck with the gender that was assigned to it. I was lucky because the classes I wanted to play were usually female – Rogue in the first game, Sorcerer and Assassin on the second.

Anyway, I can’t wait to play this. And I feel the urge to play Diablo II again.


4 thoughts on “Diablo, the Lord of Terror Returns

  1. Like I told you before, I don’t like the look of it and that’s not the only thing bugging me :
    I’m disappointed with Blizzard the same way that I was when the first pics of StarCraftII started to show up: it looks like a cartoonish 3D update of the their old games and everyone is already clamoring and, well, it will be another millionaire release for Bliz, emphasizing how everyone (specially the videogames media) talks about how they like new stuff and creativity and developers treading new roads but in the end they don’t award studios that make different quality stuff (look at how the creators of Behind Good & Evil are talking that they’re going to make BG&E2 more mainstream [and they’re very lucky to even be able to do a sequel] because the previous didn’t gross enough) and are afraid to try new systems and ways of play. I’m not saying that you should destroy the old formula, I mean I liked Diablo 1 and waited in a long line to buy Diablo II on its release and I don’t wish a complete revamp of the game but come on…
    I guess that the main reason for my DiabloIII-depression is that once Blizzard were the new kids on the block, coming up with addictive cool stuff that others didn’t thought about (some didn’t even dare) and now everyone has forgotten that and it’s the same old story, milking the cow until its dry and then some more and while some companies are exposed and even ostracized by the gaming community for doing that, Blizzard receives blessings and odes… They must have an hell of a marketing department 😉
    Then again, things have changed and I’m not the same person that I was 10 years ago and maybe it’s just me liking different things and following a different path that Blizzard decided to follow.
    sorry for the long post btw, just something I came up with while studying electronics =p
    (oh and it’s not directed at you or anyone else that is happy that D3 is coming out. it’s just a thought about the industry, that’s all, please don’t hack’n’slash me ’cause I won’t leave a bag of goodies when I die, like a firebolt level V book or a Stainless Steel Sword of Ultimate Doom! =p

  2. “They must have an hell of a marketing department ;)” <- They do. Just look at how they made everyone wonder what the big announcement was by using that evolving splash screen. :p
    I don't think they didn't evolve. They just happened to get a lot of stuff right in previous games. An example: yesterday I installed Diablo II on my laptop to play a bit, and as silly as it may seem, I loved that they already had the 'use ESC to close all windows' thing there. It really works well so they kept it all the way since at least a year 2000 game until World of Warcraft.
    Mind you, I'm not a Blizzard fangirl – WoW had a lot of faults and I had no problem pointing them out.
    The length of the comment is no problem. 😛 Much, much better than not commenting.

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