My Drawing Board


4 thoughts on “My Drawing Board

  1. Thanks! 🙂 Still working on getting some posters and some of my (pseudo) artwork on the walls near the drawing board.

    Will post some more photos in the future as I change stuff around that area.

  2. simple and efficient and yet nice looking.
    my suggestion for the wall is one of the many wall shelves that Ikea has, specially the opaque glass ones (look really good on a light colored or white wall). It gives you extra room for memorabilia, for example a Lego AT-ST :p , and still leaves space on the wall for your artwork.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about those shelves you talk about for a while, but the non-opaque glass ones would be better since people would get a better view of all the figures’ details.

    What I’m going to buy (if it hasn’t disappeared off IKEA since I saw it ages ago in the store itself and can’t find it on the website : ) is one or two full glass shelves for my figures, model kits and Star Wars LEGOs. It’s fully closed so it will reduce the amount of dust I have to clean. I hope.

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