Rebuild of Evangelion: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE

Over ten years ago I watched the first episode of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, and was instantly hooked. Gainax, the studio responsible for the series and the movies recently decided to make Rebuild of Evangelion, which constitutes of four movies. The first two are going to retell the story of the series, the third will retell the movie ‘The End of Evangelion’ and the fourth and final movie will be a more definitive ending to the story.

Yesterday I watched the first movie, YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE, and I loved it. I had refrained from watching the anime again so the good memories I had of it would not be ruined – I’ve watched episodes of shows I used to love as a kid, and ended up being very disappointed. Rebuild of Evangelion is the perfect chance to (sort of) rewatch Eva, and avoid the possibility of disappointment. Not only because the animation is improved, but because Gainax managed to get most of the original Evangelion cast back, and this makes Rebuild not a simple ‘milking the cow’ kind of thing. Oh and even though you may remember the show, you’ll still get a couple of surprises in the movie, especially the end (spoilers for the rest of the sentence), where Kaworu Nagisa appears *squee*.

I’ll stop yapping now and leave you with a short video clip with scenes of the movie, which contains one of the new music themes made for Rebuild of Evangelion – Angel of Doom. Lyrics after the cut. And no, I’m not turning this into a weblog where I post the best lyrics EVAR!!!11 – these are short and capture the sense of impending doom you feel throughout the show.

“The Beginning of the end, dark as clouds of scorn
Pouring out like prophets of doom they do forewarn
The Beginning of the end, dark as clouds of scorn

Angels of Doom come calling, with no mercy
No fear, no heart, no judgement, no clemency

Angels of Doom, like evil messengers deliver misery.”

(Oh, Ayanami Rei remains my favourite. She’s every bit as huggable as I remember. Must do some fanart!)


One thought on “Rebuild of Evangelion: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE

  1. this song really awesome! so are the lyrics! EVANGELION ROCK!!!! cant wait to see evangelion third movie which from the rumors will be released at the beginning of 2011

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