Death Note’s Ryuku Live Action

I was seriously impressed when I saw this image of the live action movie based on the manga ‘Death Note’. What’s impressive? The way Ryuku (the original shinigami in the manga) looks exactly the same as the manga version. Exactly the same.

If you want to compare them, here’s a couple of images over at TOKYOMANGO that include him (in case you’re wondering who he is here’s a tip: he’s the funky looking demon floating in the air). anyway check out the images in this post and this one. Then compare him with this image here.

Slightly disappointing was L not looking even half as crazed as he should in the movie’s poster. Maybe in the movie itself it’s different.


2 thoughts on “Death Note’s Ryuku Live Action

  1. Ryuk looks very well done indeed. L is a different challenge since it needs superb makeup and stellar acting. I like how he looks in the pictures, it would be hard to copy at 100% his, a bit over the top, looks of the manga. The most important issue is how well the actor plays his role. Not an easy feat.

  2. Yeah, I have to agree that most of what will make L seem like he is in the manga will be mostly acting.

    In the poster image his eyes are way too ‘normal’ – he doesn’t look as… ‘insane’ (think Malkavian :P) and intense as he does in the manga. By this I’m meaning those wide-open eyes he always seems to have.

    I’ve been wanting to watch the live action movie for a while, but I’ve only read up until the 5th issue of the manga, so I’d be spoiled about the rest of the story if I did. decisions, decisions…

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