WoW Drama, How We Missed Thee!

Okay so I lied. I’m writing a new post on the weekend. And not about what we’re doing here.

Not sure if I ever mentioned an idiot that was on my WoW guild and played a Rogue? A guy who would simple never, ever shut up and who was annoying as hell?

No? Well, yesterday I was online just to chat with Rafa and get some of my Druid’s brand new epics enchanted, when I witnessed a very entertaining moment of World of Warcraft DRAMA! (I knew staying in that guild just to witness all the emoness and drama and whining had been a good idea!)

Juicy stuff (including some swear words – go me!) after the cut:

I was there minding my own business, getting some chat done with a few friends, and some enchants on my lovely kitty Druid’s new epics, when on guild chat, I see the said Rogue (let’s call him QQRogue for clarification purposes) starts bitching about something I didn’t quite get as it was out of context. He starts swearing and counting down from 5, spamming everyone with idiocy and whining about some stuff. One of the other members of the guild asks him to calm down, and comeback later (and act like a grown up – something impossible for QQRogue). Guy goes offline, logs several alts and starts removing them from the guild.

Curious person as I am, I whisper someone who was also raiding along with IdiotRogue moments before
asking for juicy details. After some reluctance about telling me what happened in raid, given that I am no longer a raider, but a social member of the guild, he spilled some info.

What happened was that QQRogue was not shutting up on vent and trying to force his opinion on how things should go on other people. The rest of the raiders (minus his buttsecks buddies), including the raid leader, did not give a crap about what he said, and half a dozen of them even asked him to be quiet. He refuses to, and the raid leader gets fed up and kicks him off vent and off the raid group.

See right now, everyone knows that one thing QQRogue dislikes is to not be able to yap yap yap until oblivion, and just the vent kick was enough to get him angry, so imagine what both that AND his raid removal did to his ego and mood. He then proceeded to taunt other players in some class channels, and someone privately asked him to stop that.

Anyway, going back to what he was doing in guild after his raid/vent kick – he removes several alts from the guild and no one is particularly caring on chat. Surprise.

So QQRogue finally logs in his main character and of course I get ready to screenshot his ‘bai bai guyz emo emo’ speech, which turned out to be somewhat disappointing – he says goodbye, and adds indignantly that he ‘will not be treated like that’ and that ‘seriously (a word he overuses), treat me like a fuck and I’ll act that way’. At this point, I’m thinking ‘boy, people must treat you like fuck all the time’ given that he permanently acts like a retarded fuck. Then he goes on to complain about being kicked from raid and vent, says farewell again and finally /gquits.

What really entertained me was people’s reactions to this speech in guild. Most of us who wrote something said I-don’t-care-less-about-you monosyllabic ‘bye’ messages. At the exception of the most vocal of his buttsecks buddies, let’s call him EmoPaladin, asks him to not go. So sad.


I comment these events with a couple of friends, including one that’s on IRC with some people who had the misfortune to have played with QQRogue and who equally dislike his annoying ass. She pastes what people say about his emo exit, and the only things missing there were champagne and fireworks. Yeah he was a really popular guy.

Bai bai, QQRogue. People better not find you in Age of Conan, as we will be in a free for all PVP server where your arse would be killed so many times you’d prefer to delete your account and burn the installation discs to having to log in.

We are nice to emo retards, that way.


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