I’m a Kitty, Hear Me Roar!

Lately I’ve been playing more so I’m entertained while solo at home, and distracted from silly stuff that won’t leave my head unless I keep busy. I’ll try to make this the last post about games (for now), otherwise most people will be bored.

As I’ve posted before, I’ve renewed my World of Warcraft account. I’ve been playing with some real life friends, mostly doing Karazhan raids with my feral Druid (rawrr!) – that’s her in the screenshot below. We use the game’s voice chat to talk to each other and it’s quite nice to chit-chat with a couple of friends I know for over 20 years but hardly get to meet in the real world, plus Rafa who is far far away in the lovely city of Munich.

I’m really enjoying this comeback so far – not only am I playing something completely different from my healer Paladin, we’ve also had pretty relaxed runs, with no stress. Also, I’d been wanting to try out playing a feral Druid. In WoW, druids can shape shift into several animals – a kitty that does melee DPS (damage per second), a bear that’s really strong and can stand taking a beating, a bird that allows us to fly, a cheetah that lets us run really fast while outdoors, oh and an otter, so we can swim faster than other people underwater and not lose our breath. The other two possible druid specs allow different shapes: a walking tree (really amusing to see them dance) if you’re a healing druid, and a giant owl if you’re a DPS caster druid.

It’s basically the most versatile class in the whole game and I’m liking the fact that I can do about anything. What I’m enjoying the most about the runs is the fact that most of the time I don’t have to tank anything, so I can just be in cat form most of the raid happily DPSing away, and helping out with the occasional Battle Resurrect (druids are the only class that can res others during combat) and Innervate our healers when they are low on mana so they can keep healing. They’re like a Swiss army knife, only a lot cuter.

I thought that my DPS output would be a lot worst than it was – they either improved the kitty druid’s damage output while I was away from WoW, of I’ve developed some skillz while I was gone. I’m thinking the former is more likely. Still, I need to work on my moves to boost my DPS output by at least 100 or so.

Oh, on last night’s run, I won a couple of items – a DPS necklace from Attunmen, and DPS boots from the trash mobs, that plus Tuesday’s cloak are making me a happy panda (sadly there’s no Panda Form for druids). My druid’s starting to look pretty good, both in DPS and in Tank gear. I’m only sad about Blizzard not allowing the facial tatoos to be what colour we wanted. It’s dependent on hair colour for some reason, and since I wanted that particular blue (pretty!), I was stuck with pink-ish tattoos.

Before I stopped playing, a few months back, I also did a bit of PvP (Player versus Player) on my Druid. And once more, it’s a lot more fun than doing PvP with my Paladin. Because we can do anything as a Druid. A guy is running away? Cast moonfire on the guy and then go cheetah and after him. You’re assisting your team’s flag carrier? You can heal with instant casts, allowing you to never have to stop running (as much as I liked healing with my Paladin, we only had the instant Holy Shock which doesn’t do much good – also not having any ranged attacks was very frustrating), and enabling you to cast Cyclone to get rid of the annoying guy that kept DPSing him.

There was one particular Eye of the Storm match were I scored 7 flag captures in the 5 minutes I was in there on my Druid. That’s not actually my best PvP moment – that was with my Paladin, before the expansion came out, in an Arathi Basin match, when I held the Gold Mine completely alone against 5 Horde players for over one minute. I’m thinking of doing a bit of PvP when I’m bored, so I get a new belt. But the item I really want/need to replace is my staff, which is just ridiculous. The one that drops off Illhoof is decent enough, though the one we get from reputation with the Cenarion Expedition is better for tanking. I, however, can’t be arsed to get exhalted with them just to get the stupid 2-handed mace. So Illhoof’s it will have to be, even though it looks a tad disgusting, with its moving tentacles (ew ew! x_x ).

Next, I’m hoping to try out the new 5-man instance, Magister’s Terrace, because I haven’t seen it yet. And there are a few interesting items there, like a decent enough Bear cloak (lots of armor and some resilience), a Bear ring, plus a couple of other things and the very low chance of getting a cute pet phoenix or a birdie mount. I’d also like to go to Zul’Aman, because it’s been in-game for ages and I still haven’t been there yet.

[ PS – Yes, the title of this post was inspired by Catwoman’s line in Batman Returns. Meow! :3 ]


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