Oriental Museum

A new museum focused in oriental culture is opening in Lisbon, and I’m really interested in going there. It seems that there will be a lot of cultural activities that range from musical events, to workshops, to cinema, and so forth.

I’m really excited about this since have a particular interest on Japanese culture, and a lot of what’s in the museum is related to that. There are a ton of activities there from the 9th to 11th of May, because it’s the opening, and I’m going to try to get some company to go there sometime. Maybe I’ll convince Jorge, since he was saying he wanted to gather up with me and a couple of other people since we haven’t seen each other in ages. *starts making an elaborate plan that may also include having dinner on a Japanese restaurant*

Of all the activities mentioned on the website, the Monstra (Lisbon Animation Festival) kind of sparks my interest, but there’s no info on what will be shown. Meh. Anyway, the Origami and Ikebana workshops sound cool, as does the Japanese Tea Ritual, well, and a lot of other stuff. I’ll have to see the schedules of each and make some planning so there’s nothing overlapsed. Going there several days may be required to see everything and not rush through it.

I’m going to mail them asking what exactly will be the opening hours, as I might try to drop by after work tomorrow if it doesn’t close too early, and what will the programming for the Cinema be.


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