No, Yo Soy tu Padre!

Still giggling about this.


2 thoughts on “No, Yo Soy tu Padre!

  1. Oh you think this is funny??? Remember back in 99 when lil’ TNG went to east of the border and watched Phantom Menace… in spanish? Do you have any idea of how many shrink visits it took to take all the bad memories out of my head??? There are still a lot of emotional scars… It took the “hate Jar Jar Binks” notion to a whole new level. The movie was bad enough in its native idiom…
    And the conversations just sounded so X rated: “Obi Wan, sientes la Fuerza? Si…”

  2. I was terribly disappointed when I was going to see this scene in spanish audio, on my DVDs when I realized it didn’t have it.

    I don’t think I’d be crazy enough to go watch any movie to Spain just to see it in advance. Even if I would understand it, I don’t like dubs. Even in anime series, I prefer japanese audio with subtitles. Nothing like the original voices, imho.

    YouTube saved the day.

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