I’m a George R. R. Martin Fangirl

I love George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire book saga. He’s an amazing writer, and those are the best fantasy novels I’ve read in years (though I’m currently still finishing the second one, A Clash of Kings – bad me).

Anyway, I kind of hyperventilated a bit when I read what he wrote on his Not a Blog:

Anyway, I’m back now, and not going anywhere until late June, when I will be taking off on my long-anticipated trip to Ireland, Portugal, and Spain. It’s part vacation, part speaking engagement, and part promotional tour. If you live in or near any of those three places, watch the Appearances page on my website for details of when and when I’ll be. We’ll be adding dates as the events are confirmed.

Squeeeeeeee! Okay I’ll stop now.

Though he says it will be in late June, I can just tell that it will somehow overlapse with my three or four-day trip to Gibraltar in mid-June. I hope not. I’m thinking of buying hardcover versions of all the novels on eBay or something, so I can get them autographed.

I’ll try to remember how to breathe when I see him. All that came to mind was what my friend Jorge told me had happened when he saw Neil Gaiman a few years ago. He was literally speechless and had to return the day after so he was able to talk to actually him (he’s Jorge’s favourite writer, as far as I can tell – he just loves his work). I hope that doesn’t happen to me.

I’ll have to get on with my readings faster. I’m finishing another novel I’m reading in parallel with the GRRM one, and it should be easier to dedicate myself to the rest of A Song of Ice and Fire after it’s done.


3 thoughts on “I’m a George R. R. Martin Fangirl

  1. Soooo, you didn’t read the part where he says that he may not be able to finish the next book by then (which would mean we would no longer be able to see it this year), and that he may have to hide in one of those three countries from the killers his editors will send after him ? heh

  2. Well I still have two whole books, plus part of another one to read, so I don’t mind him taking a bit longer writing the fifth as long as it comes out as good as what I’ve read so far. 😀

    Hopefully he will chose hide in Portugal. We can then feed him delicious portuguese food and make him never want to leave.

  3. We will have to trade food for chapters of the fifth book though. I am waiting for too long for it, the wait is starting to have it’s effects.

    Must resist,…, temptation to,…, force some chapters,…, out of him …

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